FINEST CUT V7.1 Version 2019 - con fouad il 16/01/2019 @ 10:06
Optimised and perfectly equipped for the requirements of today AND tomorrow The latest version of the equally universal and tried-and-tested programming system for cutting machines for all conventional processes (laser, water, oxyfuel, plasma machines) has been enhanced with advanced modules to make it fit for the future – offering the best prerequisites for making your work and processes even more precise, faster and therefore more economical. The application now offers a highly functional 3D module, takes into account all relevant industry 4.0 parameters and is also available as a 64-bit application. Redefine the efficiency of your production processes with FINEST CUT V7.1. The application is easy to learn and simple and convenient to use with a heterogeneous machine fleet. More efficiency – fewer restrictions The most important new features of the latest version of FINEST CUT are: ▪ 3D module for importing and displaying 3D drawings from step, IGES and STL files. ▪ Assemblies are automatically broken down into individual components and displayed in separate windows. ▪ Geometry can be imported into FINEST design: click on individual parts to import them into the design (2D geometry). ▪ Industry 4.0 ready – well-prepared for all requirements:       Interfaces supporting the OPC UA and MQTT protocols allow for convenient data exchange between machines, control systems or processes. ▪ Fine cutting of inner contours possible: selected inner contours are split before cutting the element, so that the smaller parts fall through the support grid and process reliability is maximised. ▪ Integrated flycut function shortens production time. ▪ Contours can be machined with the milling tool instead of being cut. Trimmed contours can then be reworked or the surface only be partially machined. ▪ Vectorise image files. ▪ Reproduce image files using splines. ▪ Connection to all conventional PPS/ERP systems possible. ▪ Database front-end for quick and easy editing. ▪ Multiple nesting plans can be loaded and edited in parallel. ▪ A nesting plan can contain several sheets. ▪ Several off-cuts can be produced from one sheet, which can also be labelled with a marking tool. Test FINEST CUT V7.1 for yourself and realise your true efficiency potential Learn more about the new version of FINEST CUT and discover the benefits for your individual production processes. We always advise you with a focus on solutions and are eager to meet your requirements.
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