Impostazione velocità motori

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Impostazione velocità motori

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Buongiorno, ho acquistato una cnc made in China e questi sono i parametri del motore. Qualcuno potrebbe aiutarmi per le impostazioni su mach3? Cosa devo mettere in steps.. velocity.. e Acceleration?

Sliding unit:

X axis:SFU1605 Ball Screws;

Y axis:SFU1605 Ball Screws;

Z axis:SFU1204 Ball Screws

Drive unit:

X axis:ø20 High intensity round rail,

Y axis: SBRø20 high-strength aluminum base rails;

Z axis: ø12 high-strength round rail

Stepping motor:two-phase 3A (with hand wheels)

Driving Power for Stepping motor:AC220V,240W, Output DC24V10A

Maximum Idle speed:1500mm/m

Working Speed:50-1500mm/min (different material with different speed settings)

Spindle motor:2200W high-speed variable frequency spindle motor, ER11 chuck , matching 6mm bur

Variable-frequency Drive(VFD):AC220V, 2200W, 0-400Hz(built-in Control box )

(tips:1,The spindle motor must connect with the VFD.2,It cannot directly connect with the supply voltage (AC110V/220V).3,Please don’t change the data setting of the VFD if you are not professional technicians, or it might damage the spindle motor.)

Drive of Stepping motor 0-3.5A adjustable four-axis drive(TB6560AHQchip, 24V power supply, 2,4,8,16Subdivision settings, Factory


Repositioning precision:≤0.05mm


Cooling method:Water cooling,Matching heat dissipation water pump

Spindle precision:Radial runout≤0.03mm

Carving command:G code/TAB file/nc/TAB /NCC/file

Protection:Emergency stop button

Recommend software:Mach3, EMC2

Communication interface:through USB PORT connect with computer

Software environment:Windows XP / win7 with 32bite(proper computer system makes the software run , otherwise it will not)

Input Volts: AC220V

Gross weight of machine :About 145kg/320lb 

Update function: with limit switch


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